With over 35 years of experience in several key industries, we are able to customize our products to meet and exceed your business needs.


Over 30,000 people have gone through the Prismatics training series. The Prismatics training program is a series of customizable and unique training programs that teach you “how” to produce success.


Looking for an outside objective view on your current and future business goals, plans and objectives? We can help. Our clients have found this to be the best way to solve problems and move projects ahead.


Our expertise is based on listening to your needs and staying focused on satisfying those needs and not focusing to sell our existing products and services. We are not an off the shelf consulting company and in most instances have developed copyrighted innovative solutions to meet customers needs.

Strategic Advising

Over 2,000 executives and professionals have enhanced their careers to greater satisfaction by using our Personalized Strategic Advising. This is for professionals to raise their level of effectiveness for current job responsibilities and future career growth.


Our longevity in the market place is measured by the fact that we consult with most of our clients for an average of 5 years or more and they have referred us to new customers. We have grown mostly by word of mouth and with little to no advertising.


We define Success as surrounding yourself with people who do things well and can think differently to produce optimal results. We conduct ourselves with a collaborative style, which makes consulting with you and your team easy and enjoyable.