“What if I were to tell you its possible to look at a person from afar and in no less than 30 seconds know everything about them, the way they think, their strengths their weaknesses and most importantly the values they use to make decisions.” – Bill Butcher, Butcher Consulting Group

Training Philosophy

The Prismatics training seminars are a series of customizable and unique training programs that teach you “how” to produce success in any area of business. We have trained over 30,000 people using the Prismatics Process. All programs are developed from partnering with our clients. We build each and every course to directly fit your needs & objectives.

How do we accomplish this?

We offer fully customizable proprietary products & services by live audience, webinar, workshops, interactive exercises, 1:1 personalized meetings, surveys, strategic & tactical meetings, key performance tracking, practical field application support, various report deliverables.

Types of Training:


We have over 40 different training courses. All of our training seminars are fully customizable.

Below is a partial list of areas we build unique & interactive seminars around:

The Five “P’s” of Leadership  | Trust Centered Influencing  | Adaptive Communication

Performance Selling  |  Creating Value Presentations  |  Strategic / Tactical Thinking

Creating / Embracing Change  |  Story Telling  |  Problem Solving: Getting to the Root Cause