“A small insight that triggers a great understanding.”

Our expertise developed and implemented a 300 person field team that is

returning $4 for every $1 dollar invested.


You need to identify the composition that your high performers demonstrate.

You need to sharpen candidate selection skills- to select high performers.

You want to improve your company’s value to your customers.

You need to generate and implement new and creative ideas.

You need to understand and track market trends and competitive intelligence.

You need to identify, clarify and communicate best practices.


New insights that improve effectiveness and awareness.

New tools and techniques to strengthen strategies and tactics.

New management tools to track progress.

New methods to grow individuals performance.

Success Model-Virtual

Identify current and potential high performers.

Assemble a composite view of individuals’ performance qualities.

Benchmark individuals against team high performers or industry qualities.

Quantify key performance areas to identify needed growth opportunities.

Track progress for individual improvement.

Measure candidates as potential high performers.

Value Map-Virtual

Identify and track company and contact customers needs.

Increase your value with each customer contact.

Identify high value customer contact opportunities.

Ensure a strategic / tactical plan to implement mutually beneficial opportunities.

Voice of the Field

Personal 1:1 1 hour qualitative/quantitative survey

Identify and force rank critical insights.

Analyze what’s working not working – common themes.

Interpretation and recommendations


Discover/identify out-of-the-box thinking.

Identify new high value and doable opportunities.

Market Research-Trends

Third party objective view – what’s important for budget/planning.

To guide strategic plans – market trends/competitor intelligence.

Best Practices

Identify best strategies, methods, processes and success stories.

Incorporate into mainstream activities.