“The Road Less Traveled”


You are ready to move up the corporate ladder.

Your position is not in your best long-term interest.

You want to change companies


The do’s and don’ts in creating a plan.

Learn to identify skill sets, target markets and companies.

Identify functions to perform.

Criteria for choosing a career.

Create an action plan for direct and indirect networking contacts.

Creating a Value Resume

Your interviewer wants to know what value you can offer them.

We teach you how to create a value resume – taking facts and creating them into value.

The importance of impactful words and where to place them.

How to create a “why pick me” sheet.

What’s in, what’s out for a cover letter.

Development of Interviewing Skills

How to get the interview.

How to read the interviewer – what’s important to them.

How to create an in-sync atmosphere with the interviewer.

Learn the FQA questions and how to successfully answer them.

Effective follow-ups.

Increase Networking Skills

How to create and deliver a value 30 second personal commercial.

Build an intelligence system of direct and indirect contacts.

Tracking your networking progress.

Learn texting, phone and email networking skills.

Bouncing your value.

Asking for help.

Executive Recruitment

Learn how to create an executive recruitment plan.

How to select a recruiter that will work with and for you.

We provide a list of search firms, consultants in your targeted markets.